Velvet Vision Candle

Velvet Vision Candle


Velvet vision is like waking in a dream. This candle transcends one into a mystified realm through one hundred percent organic essential oil aroma therapy from Mountain Rose farm in Eugene, Oregon and Eden Botanical in Petaluma, California. The therapeutic oils include palo santo, geranium, white sage, lavender, rose, and clary sage. Give this vessel a flame and prepare for a journey down the rabbit hole that is blissfully you. Hand poured and formulated with love in Oregon by the most lovely Arcane Chemistry

Our Vessels are high fired mason stained porcelain and are finished with a clear food safe glazed interior with a raw buffed porcelain exterior. Each vessel is hand made with love in Oregon.

Size 3” x 3” x 3.25”

Holds eight fluid ounces of soy wax.

Please, give gratitude and hand wash your porcelain.

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